creating science learning communities with tibetan buddhist monastics since 2001

Tibetan Monastic Science Leaders


Since 2001, the Science for Monks program has been made possible by Sager Family Foundation a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. In 2010, the program emerged from its incubation period and started to seek new partner and donor relationships to help strengthen and expand the work and vision of Science for Monks – to create enduring indigenous capacity within the monastic community to learn and engage science.

Partners & Collaborators

Science for Monks was created through a unique partnership between the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives in Dharamshala, India and the Sager Family Foundation. In addition many several collaborating institutions and individuals have helped make this work a success. read more...

How You Can Help

With continued support, monastic leaders will expand their capacities to share and engage science. They will continue to write articles, teach in classrooms, organize dialogues and symposiums, and science exhibitions that travel through the Tibetan lay and monastic communities in India, and to the west. There are a number of ways you can help support the Science for Monks program. read more...

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